Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watermelon Cooler

Here's a nice little spritz for a hot summer day. Super simple, super refreshing. My boyfriend and I got the idea to make this after attending a late summer wedding a couple years back. They had 2 huge bowls full of this yummy stuff. I'm pretty sure we split one bowl between the 2 of us it was that addicting! Anyway here's a post for something similar (the caterers wouldn't tell me the ingredients dag nabbit!) and just as good. You should definitely whip this up, it only has a few ingredients and is a great accompany to your summer BBQ.

Watermelon Cooler

1 ripe watermelon (seeded)
2 quarts water
1-2 c sugar
1 can coconut milk
1 c grated coconut
2 tbsp mint leaves (roughly chopped)

Spoon out the watermelon flesh and mash with a fork. You want it to still be fleshy. Put watermelon in a large bowl. Make a simple syrup with a 1-2 ratio of water to sugar (depending on how much sugar you want to use; example 2cups water to 1 cup sugar) by placing water and sugar in a medium sized sauce pan and heating until sugar is dissolved, cool completely. Once cooled, add to watermelon along with the rest of the water and other ingredients. Chill before serving or add ice cubes. 

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